Why Is Online Customer Service Important?

June 28, 2016

Over the last few years, businesses have shifted into the digital world. This makes it necessary for maintaining a strong online presence by every business, whether it is big or small. In such a scenario, the importance of online customer service is immense because of the following reasons:

Customer Satisfaction:

Customer service plays a very important role in customer satisfaction as well as loyalty. Digital age and Technology have drawn us to a time where customers normally expect immediate results. Internet has change the way we conduct business, live our lives, and find information. At this point, it would not be a wise decision to turn back. Instead, we should delve a bit further into future; else we might have the risk of falling behind. Most businesses operate entirely from the web. However, even if a majority of your sales are not coming through online, you still need customer service. Your customers should have access to online options for customer service which would exceed normal business hours.


Increase The Conversion Rate:

Online customer service would be very vital for an e-commerce website. Proper guidance by being online chat operators can help you to improve the website conversion rate and reduce the bounce rate, thus, maximizing the traffic of your website which would be beneficial for your company.


In accordance with the consumer affairs website, people having a positive experience with the customer Service Department of a company are most likely to tell 2-3 people about their experience. This implies that the quality of people in the customer Service Department could be considered as a source of promotion for the organization. On the Contrary to this, people having a bad experience would be telling around 9-20 people about their experience.


It is often noted that a company which has excellent customer service department is more likely to receive repeated customers leading to increasing in profit and revenue of the company. On the other hand, a company having a poor Customer Service Department would result in a negative impact on the business. It would increase the cost of the company for acquiring and retaining the customers because of the expense of sales calls and the advertising cost.



Online Customer service has the potential to help in the differentiation of a company with its competitors. For instance, it might, at 10 be very difficult to differentiate between two small-town drugstores, especially if they are selling their products at similar prices. In this scenario, putting extra effort by the customer service department through the online chat support or through customer service phone numbers would be the best manner to give a drug store its competitive advantage.

For most companies, customer service is often an afterthought. And servicing the customers is mainly viewed as a cost center; customers are treated as a liability in those companies. Yet, it must not be forgotten that customers are a valuable resource, and their feedback is very important for building your brand and shaping your product—hence the need for feedback on customer service numbers. Thus, the importance of customer service in a company cannot be denied. Failure to recognize the value of your customers makes them leave your company. On the other hand, treating them both respect and compassion make some loyal to your company.

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