How To Deal With A Customer Service Executive?

July 8, 2016

There are times when we are aware of what exactly needs to happen when you are calling a customer service executive- you are mean intention would be to get your issue resolved as fast as possible. However, there are times, when a little preparation needs to be done beforehand. Let us look at a few things that can be done before calling up the executive so as to make the entire process speedy.

Research Your Issue:

The customer service executive has a large number of complaints and issues that need to be dealt with in a limited amount of time,so, can gather some more information about your problem and also some prospective solutions that could be offered, the process gets easier. You could Google about your issue or see if someone had posted about it on a forum or maybe check sites like complaint board. In this way, you can direct the customer service executive to best solve your issue.

Gather Everything That You Require, Before Hand:

In most cases, you probably require your account password, account number or a ticket number if you have called them previously. You just need to gather everything beforehand and write it down somewhere so that it doesn’t become a long process after you call. It would also be a good point to note down whatever you require so that you can explain your issue concisely and clearly, to the customer service executive.

Do Not Give Them Your Life Story:

There are some details that might be relevant according to us for the problem, but, they aren’t! The more clearly and concisely you can explain about your problem to them without narrating the Epic tale of getting to that point is not necessary. It will only delay the solution to your issue.

Escalate In Case You Did Not Get What You Wanted:

In case you feel that your problem is not getting solved in the right manner, and things are not going your way, do not feel afraid to ask for their senior person. They could be more helpful to you. Just make sure that you are not rude while asking them to speak to their senior. It wouldn’t be problematic for them as it is a part of their trained process.

Follow Up And Stay In Touch:

Even if your problem is resolved, follower. Let the representative you worked with no that everything is perfectly in order, and you would like to retain their number, in case any issue crops up again. Telling them that “everything’s fine” helps the customer service executive to know that you are happy with their service, and they can close the case after this. Moreover, it also opens the doors for you, in the case when the issue crops up again.

It can be undoubtedly said that the customer service executive has more power to solve your issue and get things done, provided to get the necessary information from you. You should just be clear about what you want, what your problem actually is, and follow thoroughly.

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