How Does Customer Service Increases Sells Of Any Brand?

July 11, 2016

With the social media becoming a popular medium for communication, customer service has undergone a transformation from a private one-to -one interaction through a phone call to the discussions on a public open forum present on the internet. It is very easy for consumers now to reach out to their favorite brands by simply posting on social media such as Facebook or Twitter, and these public exchanges have a big impact in shaping the overall image of business.In fact, they are important components of any sales strategy. A good customer service would result in a high customer retention rate and also increase the referrals which will, in turn, help you in increasing the sales of your brand.

A customer service helps in increasing the sales of a brand in the following manner:

New Customers From Engagement:

When the prospective customers find a brand that is actively engaging their current customers on social media, not just through conversation but also via customer service, that’s a very impressive thing for a company. Different studies conducted in this field show that customers, gradually end up spending about 20% to 40% more, when companies respond and engage to customer service requests through social media.

Increasing The Conversion Rate:

Online customer service would be very vital for an e-commerce website. Proper guidance by being online chat operators can help you to improve the website conversion rate and reduce the bounce rate, thus, maximizing the traffic of your website which would be beneficial help in boosting the sales of your company.

Staying In Touch With The Customers:

The customer service department, by staying in regular touch with the customers, maximizes their level of service and alsogives rise to new opportunities for sale. They have the power to develop arelationship with the customers which will make them more willing to work with your company. Speaking regularly to the customers by the customer service, best to solve their existing problems with the company’s product and also offer additional services depending on the requirements.

Customer Retention By Taking Action On Their Feedback:

Whenever a suggestion on a request is made by a customer for a service on a product, a quick action should be taken on their feedback. This would be a good signal that you have earned their business for many years.

Increasing Repeated Customers:

It is often noted that a company which has excellent customer service department is more likely to receive repeated customers leading to increasing in profit and revenue of the company. On the other hand, a company having a poor Customer Service Department would result in a negative impact on the business. It would increase the cost of the company for acquiring and retaining the customers because of the expense of sales calls and the advertising cost.

Retention And Sales Trust Through The Knowledge Of Customer Service:

The sales people should be quick in connecting to their customers for supporting, knowing the current issues of the customers, and updating them on the progress.

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